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Expertise & Passion since 2002

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As experts in Digital Technology & User Experience, we are the partner for Digital Service Providers, Technology & IT Service Providers, Agencies, Consulting Companies and Customers throughout Germany.


We are digital pioneers with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of digital projects. Still working with the highest level of motivation and joy for our customers’ success.


Founded in 2002 in Munich. Equipped through long-term cooperation, strong through professionalism in many disciplines, matured through experience and impressions from countless projects.


We turn ideas into solutions - hands on - with love, creativity and hard work.


Our heart beats not only for our customers and their projects, but especially for our employees!

Creative Freedom, Responsibility and Co-Determination for us, are the basis of successful cooperation.

Combined with lived values ​​and a corporate culture based on partnership, we create an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.



  • 15 Employees
  • 4 Owners & Managers
  • External Experts on Demand
  • Offices / teams in Munich and Katowice (Poland)



Solutions for Digital Competitiveness

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Call us: +49 89 7675770

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Call us:
+49 89 7675770

Or write to us: